June 03, 2020

Skin—it’s your body’s largest organ. Unlike the others that make you up, this organ you wear on the outside. It keeps you insulated, is waterproof, and super absorbent. Whether you’re someone who applies makeup every day or only wears it on special occasions, what’s in the products you choose is a big deal for your face!

Ingredients Make The Difference

Just as you care about what you eat and put IN your body, you should also care about what you put ON your body. Clean cosmetics are quite a beauty trend as more people are educating themselves and becoming aware of what is lurking in the products they regularly use.

Individuals who have sensitive skin may feel like they’ve been pioneering the clean beauty quest. Everything from lipstick with endocrine disruptors, to potentially cancer causing mascara—whether you have allergies or not, here are few tips for spotting clean beauty products.

Short, simple to understand ingredient lists.
If the ingredient list is hard to find/hidden, or it’s a mile long and full of hard to pronounce contents, it’s probably loaded with synthetic chemicals. Give it a good read.

Natural plant-based oils.
So many products on the market are from companies who are cutting costs by filling what you put on your face with petroleum and other possible carcinogens. If you stick with makeup that contains natural plant-based oils (like coconut for example), it’s better for your skin and the environment.

No preservatives.
Aldehydes are preservatives often found filling many of the beauty products available. One major place these hide are in the term “fragrance”, which companies are not required to disclose in detail.

No synthetic colors.
While you may consider it as “painting your face”, you don’t want to be the canvas for colors that are created from petroleum or coal tar derivatives. Also, watch out for sparkle and glitter—these are made from tiny pieces of plastic.

Cruelty-free and organically sourced.
Pesticides and genetically modified ingredients may fill your foundation (and any other beauty product) if you’re not looking for an organic seal. Animal testing is often performed on helpless creatures kept in deplorable conditions if you’re not choosing a product that’s proudly cruelty-free.

A Reason To Smile

It can be overwhelming standing in the makeup aisle or comparing one website after another searching for the best beauty products, but the effort is worth it! Your skin and the planet we share, all count on you to choose makeup that’s made up of organic, pure, and truly natural ingredients. Wearing lipstick or not, that’s a reason to really smile!