January 27, 2020

When you say, “My face hurts!” someone might be tempted to respond, “I know, it’s killing me.” So the joke goes, but true face pain can really hurt. What’s more, it can be a distraction, making talking or even thinking difficult.

The lightning-like pain may radiate through one side of your face, down your jaw, and up into your head. Possibly brought on by the long presentation you had to give or chewing that super-hard granola you’ve convinced yourself will help you lose weight.

Whether you’re dealing with an intense toothache or nerve issues like trigeminal neuralgia and multiple sclerosis, hopefully these suggestions can help you tame the pain!

Helping Ease Facial Pain

When it comes to toothaches, often something as simple a gently swishing with a warm saltwater rinse can ease the ache. WebMD also mentions using clove oil for its natural numbing capabilities.

Did you know there’s a plant called the Toothache Plant? Some claim it has the ability to calm pain associated with toothaches, but it remains to be proven. Perhaps this plant will live up to its moniker and help provide relief.

Sometimes when the spine is misaligned this can create pain. Visiting a chiropractor for relief of the nerves through spinal alignment may offer success resulting in better posture and reduction of pain throughout the body.

Minerals too may be worth considering, as calcium and magnesium supplements can offer help to some when looking to calm overactive nerves.

Until you can get to your dentist or doctor, hopefully these natural tips help you endure with less facial or jaw pain, so you can smile again. Even if it’s to laugh off that person who still thinks the joke from before is funny.