Tampon Tribe is partnering with a Safe Place for Youth in Venice for the Abbot Kinney Festival.

Now you can give back with a donation which will purchase tampons / pads / pantyliners for homeless youth in LA County.


For every $2.50 you donate, Tampon Tribe will donate 8 tampons or 5 pads to a Safe Place for Youth.

A $5 donation allows us to donate 16 tampons - the average number required for a single monthly cycle.




  • 100% GOTS certified organic cotton with an absorbent core
  • 100% toxin free
  • No residues of herbicides or pesticides
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Viscose and perfume free
  • Super-absorbent free
  • Chlorine and dioxin free
  • Absorbent core is wrapped with a special safety layer to prevent fibres remaining inside your body
  • Biodegradable Cardboard "Twist" Applicator with soft round end-tip
  • Plastic free

Safe Place for Youth - Donate